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The Mosque is a must for those who visit the city for tourism. A unique wonder in the world.

Roman Bridge

Next to the Mosque, is the Roman Bridge. It joins the two banks of the Guadalquivir, being an extraordinary monument where you can walk through a spectacular environment.

Medina Azahara

Although far from the center of Cordova, it is a sight that you can not miss. The City that gave splendor to the Umayyad Caliphate.


Cordova is a tourist city with a good number of museums, discover the most important ones below.

Archeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Cordova is located very close to the Mosque, in the neighborhood of the Jewish quarter. It is a very interesting visit because it has pieces of great value, which give details of all the cultures that have passed through the city throughout its history.


Crosses of May

The Crosses of May is a typical Cordova festival that is celebrated on the first weekend of May, opening the festive month in the city.

Typical Yards

Although the Typical Yards of Cordova are adorned all year round, in May the contest is held in which they open to the public, having a great success of affluence in recent years.

The Spring Fair

The Spring Fair of Cordova, in honor of Ntra. Sra. De la Salud, is celebrated at the end of May, putting an end to the month of festivities in the city.


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Tourism of Cordova

Nestled between Sierra Morena and a depression of the Guadalquivir River, the city of Cordova is a charming tourist place, where you can enjoy intensely its monumentality, its history, its cuisine and its people. A municipality with a good number of sunny hours per year, which is part of the capitals of Andalusia. With air connections, through Seville and Malaga, and a network of first-rate railways with high-speed trains.

In Cordova you can enjoy monuments such as the Mosque-Cathedral, designated World Heritage Site, as well as its historic center, also named with such distinction. Due to its multiculturalism, the city of Cordova has a wide range of possibilities to discover, such as the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, a 14th century building, one of the most visited places.

On the outskirts of the city, you can visit the ancient world by visiting the discoveries of Medina Azahara, an area belonging to the Abderramán III Caliphate of the Umayyad dynasty. Mystery and history come together a space eight kilometers from the city.

Cordova is also noted for its cuisine, highlighting typical dishes such as the Salmorejo from Cordova, flamenquines, oxtail, anchovies in vinegar … all washed down with the virgin olive oil of the earth, without forgetting the famous desserts such as the Cordoban cake , with a strong Arab inspiration.

You can enjoy in this city the great shows that are offered, such as the magical nights at the Alcázar or the equestrian shows. Culture that comes with music and flamenco, as well as its extensive network of museums and theaters where a constant leisure offer is offered. As for sporting events, there are many that you can enjoy both to witness and to practice.

All joined to its good number of hotel beds and various accommodations, as well as one of its greatest heritage elements, its hospitable people, makes Córdoba a prime tourist enclave, where everyone who comes, repeats. From Cordova Tourism we want you to know the City.

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