Eat snails in Cordova

Eating snails in Cordova has become a tradition over the years. The stands or kiosks that are installed in many squares with the stewed snail as a star product, announce the arrival of spring, or at least the end of the cold of winter. The snail stands are the perfect excuse to go out and have them with a beer in the open air, when the good weather “starts to accompany”.

Dates of the snail season

The snail season in Cordova begins this 2018 on February 23 and will be open until June 14. The opening hours are varied according to the positions. There are those that are open from morning to night, also those that open a few hours at noon and especially in the evening.

Types of stewed snails

In the stands you can take snails with broth (the most classic), fat in sauce, spacy, or goats in sauce. These are at least the classics, since there are places where you can try carbonara snails, with pine nuts in sherry, goats in oxtail sauce, and even some aphrodisiac snails!

Where to eat snails

This year there are a total of 47 snail posts scattered throughout the city, from the center to the neighborhoods. The best known are those in the Magdalena Square, Mercy Walk or “The Ducks”. Below you can see the list of posts that are installed this year with their addresses:


  • Av/ de Almogávares
  • Av/ Ministerio de la Vivienda
  • Av/ de Cádiz
  • Av/ de Granada
  • Av/ de la Diputación
  • Av/ de la Fuensanta
  • Av/ de Libia
  • Av/ del Gran Capitán (prolongación)
  • Av/ Isla Fuerteventura
  • Av/ Rocío Dúrcal
  • Av/ Virgen de Fátima
  • Bulevar C. Policías Marisol Muñoz
  • Bulevar Hernán Ruiz
  • C/ Arcos de la Frontera
  • C/ Arqueólogo Antonio García y Bellido
  • C/ Camino Viejo Almodóvar
  • C/ Compositor Rafael Castro
  • C/ Escritor Conde Zamora
  • C/ Haza del Demonio
  • C/ Hernando de Magallanes
  • C/ Libertador Sucre
  • C/ Periodista Eduardo Baro
  • C/ Pintor Aguilera Amate
  • C/ Pintor Espinosa
  • C/ María la Judía
  • Cta. de Trassierra
  • Glorieta Amadora
  • Glorieta Cruz de Juárez
  • Glorieta Hiroshima y Nagasaky
  • Jardines de la Memoria
  • Parque Elena Moyano
  • Pasaje Pantoja
  • Paseo de la Merced
  • Paseo de la Soleá
  • Plaza Amanecer de Fátima
  • Plaza Cristo de Gracia
  • Plaza de Juan Bernier
  • Plaza de Matías Prats
  • Plaza de Vistalegre
  • Plaza del Olivo
  • Plaza de la Magdalena
  • Plaza de la Oca
  • Ronda del Marrubial

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