White Night of Flamenco 2019

The White Night of Flamenco is celebrated this year on the night of June 15 to 16 in the capital. As in other editions, there will be a multitude of concerts spread throughout the city. They are all outdoor concerts and with free admission, so that we can all enjoy this party.  The places chosen for the performances are the Plaza de las Tendillas, Plaza de la Corredera, Patio de los Naranjos, Puerta del Puente, etc. Emblematic places to enjoy an outdoor flamenco night.  There are many artists who have passed through previous editions, such as José Mercé, Estrella Morente, Raimundo Amador, Tomasito, India Martinez … This year one of the star performances is that of Rosalía, who will perform at the Plaza de Toros at the 12 at night.

Guest artists

This year the festival is dedicated to women, and they will be the main protagonists in all the shows. A way of vindicating the role of women in the history of flamenco.  The first show of the night will be given by the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía. Lola Pérez and Mercedes de Córdoba will act next in the Patio de San Basilio. The other invited artists are Remedios Amaya and Ángeles Toledano, the Catalan singer Rosalía, Patricia Guerrero, the Dúo Mar, the Macanita together with María Terremoto, Rosario Montoya, Sarayma, Esperanza Fernández and Rosario “la Tremendita”.

Where are the performances

The places chosen in this edition for the shows are the Plaza de las Tendillas, the Patio de San Basilio, the Plaza de la Juventud, the Plaza de Toros (where you can only access by invitation), the surroundings of the Tower of the Calahorra, the Patio de los Naranjos (inside the Mosque precinct), the emblematic San Agustín square, the Compass of San Francisco, the Plaza de la Corredera, the Plaza del Potro and the Jardines del Alcázar (entering through the bank access).

Safety in the White Night of Flamenco

To preserve security in this edition, the organization has decided to decentralize shows. This measure seeks to promote mobility and ensure better security in each of the concerts. For the concert of Rosalía in the Plaza de Toros, the City Council will manage the access to the 10,000 people that the capacity allows through the delivery of invitations. To avoid crowds, the concert will be streamed in another part of the city, although the location and technical details of this proposal have yet to be decided.

Map of concerts

So you can see all the performances of the White Night of Flamenco, here you have an interactive map with the schedule and the situation of all the concerts.