The Malmuerta Tower

The Malmuerta Tower is one of the monuments of Cordoba less known by tourists who come to visit the city. The main reason is because of its location, somewhat removed from the historical part such as the Mosque, the Roman Bridge or the Jewish Quarter.

This Tower is located next to the Columbus Gardens. It is an albarrana tower, this means that it is not integrated into a wall, since it was linked to it by means of an arch. During history it has had a multitude of uses, serving as a prison, a powder keg and even because of its height it has become an astronomical observatory.

Description of the Tower

It is a tower that was built of stone between 1404 and 1408. It has an octagonal shape and is solid to the first floor, where there is a room with narrow windows. This room is accessed through an arch, as you can see in the photos.

Curiosities of this monument

In the lower part of the arch there is a shield of Henry III, just below an inscription that can hardly be read anymore where it says “En el nombre de Dios: porque los buenos fechos de los Reyes no se olviden (so that the good deeds of the Kings do not forget), esta torre mandó facer el muy poderoso Rey Don Henrique (the tower was built by Henry King), é comenzóse á sentar en el año de nuestro Señor Jeso Christo de M.CCCCVI años (It was built in the year 1406) , é sendo Obispo Don Fernando Deza, é oficiales por el Rey Diego Fernández, Mariscal, Alguacil Mayor, el Doctor Luis Sánchez, Corregidor, é regidores Fernando Díaz de Cabrera é Ruy Gutiérrez… é Ruy Alfonso… de Albolafia, é Fernan Gómez, é acabose en el año de M.CCCCVIII años”

Legend of the Malmuerta

The legend that gives its name to the tower (Bad Dead), stars Lord Fernando Alfonso of Cordoba, who killed his wife for believing her unfaithful without any proof. Upon realizing his error, repentant, he requested the forgiveness of John II King of Castile. This as punishment ordered him to build the Tower.

Another one of the legends on this Tower, affirms that if a rider was able to read all the inscription when happening to horse under the arch, would make fall the monument and a great treasure would be discovered.

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