Archaeological Museum

Building of the Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Cordova is located in the former of the Páez de Castillejo Palace, built in the 16th century, specifically in the year 1559 by the Hernán Ruiz architect. It is a unique building within the structure of the city of Caliphate, right in the historic center and created in a moment of Renaissance cultural splendor, from which it keeps its architectural essence. Why then the European nobles leave the countryside and their fiefs to go to the city, where palaces worthy of their name and power are built, as in the case of the construction that houses the Archaeological.

But beyond its beautiful exterior façade where its entry porch, with Renaissance columns and several statues, the interesting thing about the Archaeological Museum of Cordova is what can be enjoyed inside. The building was expropriated during the disentailments of the 19th century and finally since 1959 it became the headquarters of the aforementioned museum.

Exhibition of the Museum

There are many films that go from Prehistory to the Late Middle Ages, highlighting the archaeological remains of the Roman theater in Cordoba. Going back from a chronological point of view the first great site that you can see in this museum is the remains of the Cave of the Bats, from the Neolithic period.

Advancing through its rooms you will marvel at the statues and paintings of the Turdetan culture, the first that settled in Andalusia. The mosaics, tombs and Roman sculptures, which show the splendor of the Roman Corduba, give way to the Visigothic and Andalusian era. The splendor of Medina Azahara is present in the Archaeological Museum of Cordova, since it keeps remains of the caliphal city site if you do not have time to visit it in situ.

Situation map

In short, the Archaeological Museum is a must for lovers of history, the seas of Cordova or you are here for tourism. Do not miss it!

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