The Roman Temple

The Roman Temple is a monument which we can admire the grandeur of the city in Roman times. It is composed of 11 columns, measuring 32 meters long and 16 meters wide.

Its construction dates from the middle of the first century after Christ. The materials used are mostly marble. One of its qualities, is that it was built in an area with extreme slope, so it was necessary to build a “terrace” with walls arranged in a fan, which is a very important architectural advance for the time.

Curiosities of the Roman Temple

What we can see today of the Roman temple is a reconstruction that took place in the 50s of the last century. For her, new pieces of the monument were built. Some of the original columns that are not found next to the Temple are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Cordova. As a curiosity, we can see parts of one of the columns adorning the Las Doblas Square.

Situation map

The Roman Temple is next to the City Hall of Cordoba. In the following map you have more instructions to arrive.


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