Typical Yards in Cordova

When spring is already set as one of the seasons where the climate is more benevolent, May arrives. The fifth month of the year serves in Cordova to celebrate one of the most touristic events in the city that places it on the agenda of all the festivities at an international level. This is the Cordova May Patio Festival, where as a visitor you can find a variety of environments, with multiple scents and colors in every corner of the courtyards of Cordova.

This party has its origin in Roman times, when houses were built adapted to the type of dry and hot climate in the area. Thus, a central patio was a meeting point for the houses that were around, placing not only a fountain or a well, but plenty of vegetation to increase the feeling of freshness. In this way, a tradition was formed that is now more than a custom, as it is considered a World Heritage feast.

Among the different types of courtyards, there are two that differ in a more obvious way: those of single-family houses and those of neighbors’ yards. Thus, strolling through the streets of Córdoba, mainly in the neighborhoods of Santa Marian or the Old Alcázar, you can get drunk with the gypsy (Pelargonium peltatum), better known as geraniums, bougainvillea, carnations, angeleyes, clematis and petunias. Although these patios have also been pregnant with jasmine, ladies at night, orange trees, laurels, olive trees or known as Easter cactus.

The party usually takes place in the first two weeks of May and has its own contest, since in the 20s it was established by the Cordovan City Council. In addition to the decoration, numerous performances are also carried out, mainly of flamenco themes, constituting a first-class cultural and leisure offer. In addition to all this, you must accompany the extensive cuisine, typical of this time, as well as wines such as the wine Montilla-Moriles, very appropriate to accompany with good rations in any terrace of the bars of Cordova.

Map of the Typical Yards 2018

Here you can see the courtyards that enter the competition this year 2018, you can click on the image to see the interactive map.

Mapa interactivo de los Patios 2018