Where to eat in Cordoba

That is the question that all tourists who pass through Córdoba, where they eat well, and cheaply. Well on this page I’ll show you a good number of restaurants and typical taverns where you can taste the typical dishes of Cordoba. </ P>

What to eat in Córdoba

The typical dishes of Cordoba are the Flamenquín, the Salmorejo, the tail of Toro or the fried Eggplants. The good thing is that every time we can try more varieties of these dishes. The classic flamenquín is made of loin, serrano ham and battered with bread crumbs and egg, but in many places you can try chicken and other varieties.

As for the salmorejo, you have the classic tomato, olive oil, garlic and bread, but in Bodegas Mezquita you can try the emulsified salmorejo that has a “special touch”. Another of the typical dishes are the aubergines, now they put them in many bars with a bit of cane honey, the result is spectacular!

You also have to try the Rabo de Toro, a stew that can not be missed in the menus of the Cordoban restaurants. You can even try Croquetas de Rabo de Toro, great!

Oh, and for dessert we have Pastel Cordobés.

Taverns in the Jewish quarter

If you come to Córdoba for tourism, the places to eat in Córdoba and try all these typical dishes are in the Jewish quarter, next to the Mezquita or one of the most famous squares.

One of the best known restaurants next to the Mosque is Bodegas Campos. A place that has been open since 1908. Although only Montilla-Moriles wines were served before, now it has become a select restaurant where you are served a traditional meal.

Another restaurant known for its quality is Bodegas Mezquita. They have several locations, two of them very close to the Mosque and in the river area. The menu is the usual, but it stands out because they have been able to offer typical dishes with an innovative touch and at a very good price.

A very famous place that is located in the Jewish quarter is the Santos Bar. If you have gone through the Mosque and seen people sitting next to the wall with a tortilla skewer, you have arrived at Bar Santos. It is a small business with a lot of tradition where they prepare 4 kilos potato tortillas!

Along with the Church of San Francisco and the Rivera is the well-known Sociedad de Plateros San Francisco, although now it is called Taberna Plateros. It is a classic Cordoba style tavern where you can try all the typical dishes of the city, with good quality and price. You can not miss the Montilla-Moriles wines in this tavern.

There are many restaurants, bars and taverns where to eat in Cordoba. So far you have a small selection of the best or best known of the city.