Where to eat in Cordoba

That’s the question that all tourists who pass by are asked, where to eat in Cordoba well and cheap. Well on this page I will show you a good number of restaurants and typical taverns where you can taste the typical dishes of Cordoba.

What to eat in Cordoba

The typical dishes of Cordoba are flamenquín, salmorejo, rabo de toro or berenjenas fritas. The good thing is that we can try more and more varieties of these dishes. The classic flamenquin is made of loin, Serrano ham and battered with breadcrumbs and egg, but in many places you can try them chicken and other varieties … and there’s even an Iberian flamenquin!

As for salmorejo, you have the classic tomato, olive oil, garlic and bread, but in some taverns you can try the emulsified salmorejo which is similar but has a “special touch”. Another of the typical dishes are the fried aubergines, now they put them in many bars with a little cane honey, the result is spectacular!

You also have to try rabo de toro, a stew that can not be missed in the menus of the Cordoba restaurants. You can even try rabo de toro croquettes, great!

Oh, and for dessert we have pastel cordobés.

Patio Romano Restaurant

Very close to the Mosque, a place with good value for money

Deanes street 11


Restaurant and wine bar in the Jewish quarter, with a magnificent terrace overlooking the Mosque

Céspedes street 5

Bodegas Mezquita

Bodegas Mezquita has several premises, all in the Jewish quarter near the Cathedral Mosque

Céspedes street 12

Types of establishments

As in almost any city you have many types of establishments to eat in Cordoba. Starting with cafes and tapas bars until you reach taverns and restaurants of all kinds, not forgetting the cocktail bars for after lunch or the night.


Some of the best known cafes in Cordoba are Cafeteria Milán, an establishment with many years of history and that is in the heart of the center, the Roldan Pastry Shops, with several establishments throughout the city and Café Don Pepe, where they put (perhaps) the best churros with Cordoba chocolate.

Other cafés where you can have a coffee would be Café Nice in Garden City, Panea, which you have at the Victoria Market and Café Viena, very close to the Mosque.

Tapas bars

Perhaps one of the tapas bars best known by tourists is Bar Santos. It is next to the mosque and they put the most famous tortilla tapas of Cordoba. Another of the emblematic is the Correo Bar, a small (very small) place where you will have to have beer at the door, especially in “peak hours”. Finally I will highlight El Abanico, a tapas bar with a good atmosphere very close to the Mosque.

Taberna la Montillana

In the Plaza de San Miguel, in the heart of the city you have this tavern with innovative dishes at a good price.

San Álvaro street 5

Taberna Góngora

A classic in Cordoba, for quality, price and tradition. A place that recommends.

Conde de Torres Cabrera street 4

Taberna Luque

In the Tavern you can try the flamenquin with Iberian loin and acorn ham.

Blanco Belmonte street 4


The taverns are very typical in Cordoba, there are many and are places to eat well and at a good price, especially the best known dishes. Some of the taverns with more tradition are the Taberna Luque, the Sociedad de Plateros, the Taberna Salinas or Taberna La Viuda.


There are many restaurants in Cordoba where you can eat very well at a good price. Typical dishes are evolving with the new cuisine and proof of this are the different dishes that you can try in these restaurants. One of them is Bodegas Mezquita, which has several establishments all in the Jewish quarter, very close to the Mosque.

Other of the most recommended cordoba restaurants are Marídame and Patio Romano. They are very cozy places where they serve the typical flamenquines, bull tail, salmorejo, etc … with a very special touch.

Michelin restaurants

In Cordoba more and more restaurants have this distinction. The Michelin guide has distinguished several restaurants in our city with its stars. Some of them are the Choco Restaurant, on Compositor ramón Medina street.

Another one of them is Noor Restaurant that you can find on Pablo Ruz Picaso Street. And to finish you have the Celia Jiménez venue in the Open Arena Sports Complex. Remember to book in advance, as these venues usually have a waiting list.