Audio Guides of Cordoba

This page contains the audio guides of the main monuments of Córdoba. With these audios you will know more about the history of the city as you visit each corner of the city.

Audio guides of the Mosque

Learn all the details of the Mosque of Cordoba with these free audio guides. You can hear them on your phone without downloading any application. They tell the story of the monument and the different transformations it has received over the centuries.

The different areas of the monument are shown by an image, so you know at each moment what part of the mosque you are seeing. With these audio guides you can discover the Mosque as if you were accompanied by a local guide.


Audio guides of the Alcazar

The Alcazar of the Christian Kings is one of the most visited monuments in Cordoba (with the permission of the Mosque). With these audio guides you have information to know more details of the monument and curiosities of its history.



Audio guides of Madinat Al-Zahra

Madinat Al-Zahra is an archaeological site that is located 7 kilometers from the city of Cordoba. If you dare to visit it, on this page you have a series of free audio guides with which you can learn more about its history. You will identify each one of the most important areas and you will know all its details. Being audio in mp3 you do not need any application on your mobile to be able to hear them as many times as you want.