Museums in Cordoba

There are many museums in Cordoba that you can visit. You can know the history of Cordoba through the Archaeological Museums, the permanent exhibition in the Calahorra Tower and the interpretation centers of the main monuments.

In addition, it has museums dedicated to the different arts that characterize our city, the museum of Fine Arts, the Bullfighting Museum, the Flamenco Fosforito Center …

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum exhibits numerous pieces that represent centuries of history in Cordoba

Fosforito Flamenco Center

In the Potro Inn there is the permanent audiovisual exhibition dedicated to Fosforito and Flamenco

Museum of Fine Arts

In the Plaza del Potro is the Museum of Fine Arts, with a good amount of pieces by Andalusian artists

Bullfighting Museum

The Bullfighting Museum is in the Plaza Maimónides and shows many pieces of the world of bullfighting in Cordoba

Archaeological and Mining Museum

In Archaeological and Mining Museum is in Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, a town with a great mining history

Nougat Museum

In the town of Rute is the Nougat Museum

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