Museums in Cordoba

There are many museums in Cordoba that you can visit. You can know the history of Cordoba through the Archaeological Museums, the permanent exhibition in the Calahorra Tower and the interpretation centers of the main monuments.

In addition, it has museums dedicated to the different arts that characterize our city, the museum of Fine Arts, the Bullfighting Museum, the Flamenco Fosforito Center …

Archaeological Museum
Museum of Fine Arts
Julio Romero Museum

Some of these museums are very close to the Mosque, in the Potro Inn. Here you can find the Fine Arts Museum, the Julio Romero de Torres Museum and the Fosforito Flamenco Centre.

Fosforito Flamenco Center

The House of Sepharad
Bullfighting Museum

Another of the city’s most important museums is the Archaeological Museum. Considering the great history of Cordoba and the number of civilisations that have inhabited this city, the Archaeological Museum displays a great variety of remains found belonging to many of these cultures.

Rafael Botí Museum
Art on the Leather Museum
House of the Water

It is interesting to visit other museums and exhibition centres related to the culture and past of Cordoba, such as the Bullfighting Museum, where you can learn about the history and myth of Manolete, the Casa Museo Arte Sobre Piel, a place where the ancient Arab art of leather engraving is recreated as well as the famous Cordoban, and even the Casa Sefarad, where you will learn many details about the Jewish culture in the city.