Villages of Cordoba

Barrio de la Villa en Iznájar

As you know, Cordoba is a tourist city with a great heritage to discover, but there are many tourists who like to visit villages near Cordoba, which also have a lot to offer in terms of places of interest, gastronomy, cultural tourism, etc. Here we tell you the details of the most interesting villages in Cordoba.

Villages of the Guadalquivir Valley

There are many different localities in the Guadalquivir Valley. To the east of the capital we have Villa del Río, Montoro, Villafranca, etc. On the western side you can see Almodóvar del Río, Posadas, Hornachuelos and even Palma del Río.

Qué ver en Montoro
Palma del Río
Villafranca de Córdoba

Villages of the Sierra de Córdoba

The Sierra de Cordoba is an ideal place for rural tourism. With a few exceptions, they are small villages in the middle of nature, many of them surrounded by dehesa.

Alto Guadiato

In the northwest of the province is the Comarca of Alto Guadiato, and these are some of its villages.

Fuente Obejuna
Belmez en Córdoba

Pedroches Valley

In the Sierra de Cordoba you can taste one of the most award-winning hams in Spain, with the Pedroches Valley Designation of Origin. These are some of the towns in the Pedroches Valley.

Cardeña en Córdoba
Villanueva de Córdoba
El Viso en Córdoba

Villages of the Cordoba Countryside

To the south of the capital we have the Campiña, an area between the Guadalquivir Valley and the Subbética of Cordoba. There are many important villages in the countryside that have a great history, hundreds of battles were fought here during the time of the Reconquest. If you like cultural tourism, we recommend villages such as Puente Genil, Castro del Río and even Santaella, with its Cathedral of the Countryside.

Castro del Río
La Rambla
Puente Genil

Villages of Cordoba in Subbetica

Further south, in the Subbética region, you have a multitude of villages to visit. Some of the most important are Priego de Cordoba, known for its Holy Week and its churches, jewels of Baroque architecture. You can also see very interesting archaeological remains in Almedinilla and even visit Zuheros, a small village in the heart of the mountains with a lot of charm.

Pueblo de Cabra

Priego de Córdoba

Villages with inland beaches

Cordoba has different inland beaches. It is a different type of beach to the traditional coastal one, but it even has a blue flag. Check out the following link to find out which ones are closest to the capital.

So far you have a summary of the towns near Cordoba to visit. We invite you to get to know all the details of each of them in Siente Córdoba.