Villages of Cordoba

Fuente Obejuna
Palma del Río
Priego de Córdoba
Puente Genil
La Rambla
Castro del Río

Cordoba is known for its great cultural heritage, customs and monuments. In addition, the villages of Cordoba are visited daily by tourists who are a little off the beaten track.

Villages in the mountains

The main villages in the mountains are Pozoblanco, Villanueva de Córdoba, Belmez and Fuente Obejuna, where Dehesa Cordobesa has a good selection of Iberian products. If you want a good acorn-fed Iberian ham, you know where to get the best quality.

The village on the banks of the Guadalquivir River

In Vega del Guadalquivir there are Villa del Río, Montoro, Villa Franca, Almodovar, Posadas and Palma del Río. In the Vega area the village is white and there are many interesting places to visit. To the east are the typical orange and citrus groves and to the west the villages have a great tradition of furniture making.

Villages in the south of Córdoba

In Subbetica, Cordoba, the most important villages are Priego de Cordoba, Lucena, Puente Genil, Almedinilla and many others. Rural tourism is well developed in this region, where the star product is extra virgin olive oil.

On this page you will find out which are the most important places in Cordoba and which are the main tourist attractions.