Monuments of Cordoba

In this section you will be able to see the most visited monuments of Cordoba. If you have decided to come and visit us, here you will find all the information you need. Although the Mosque-Cathedral is the most visited monument (almost 2,000,000 visits a year), you have many other monuments full of history that you can see.

In this first section you have the most visited monuments, since they are located in Jewish Quarter Next to the Mosque you have the bridge Door, or as we say here, the Arc de Triomf. Then the Roman Bridge and on the other side of the River the Calahorra Tower.

Very close to the Mosque there is also the famous Alley of Flowers, a small space reminiscent of the Ancient Cordoba. You can also see the Synagogue, or the Alcazar of Christia Kings, with its rooms, courtyards, towers or its large garden with fountains.

A little further north of the Mosque you have the Roman Temple, an impressive reminder of Roman times in Cordoba. Corredera Square, recently restored and a tourist symbol of the City.

Right in the center of Cordoba is the Tendillas Square, with the equestrian statue of the Great Captain. The Malmuerta Tower and the Viana Palace are the main monuments to see in this area of the city, although not the only ones.

Outside the urban area you can not miss Medina Azahara, now recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. And if you want to know more about the province, in Hornachuelos there is the Moratalla Palace, a large palace with gardens in the style of Versailles.

Remember that this is just a short summary of the main monuments of Cordoba. I encourage you to continue browsing the web to know more details of our city.

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