Roman mausoleum

Mausoleo Romano de Córdoba

The Roman Mausoleum in Cordoba is a reconstructed building from the 1st century AD. It is located next to Puerta Gallegos, one of the main entrances to the ancient walled city of Cordoba. In its reconstruction, the main building standards of the time were respected.


The history of the Roman mausoleum

It is a completely cylindrical monument, used for acts of worship and funeral. This is why it was found outside the city walls, that is, outside the walls of the city. It must be said that the remains of this mausoleum were discovered only recently, specifically in 1993.

A part of the Victory Gardens has been set aside in order to rebuild and enhance it. Next to the mausoleum you can see a section of the original Roman road, specifically the main road Corduba – Híspalis, which means that the road that connects the city of Cordoba to Seville.

Calzada romana junto al Mausoleo de Córdoba

Tour of the Mausoleum

This mausoleum is visible to anyone approaching Victory Gardens (Paseo de la Victoria). As it is at a lower level than the current walkway, the view is from above, but you can access the memorial via a staircase that is open to the public.

There are also informative signs at the bottom where you can learn a little more about the history of this place. To visit the mausoleum inside, a visit must be arranged in advance. Inside is the interpretation centre for the world of tombs.

Most important parts

Although this mausoleum is a reconstruction, it was built on original pieces of great importance. An ash urn has been preserved and is kept in the burial chamber. Cornices, the crenellated pillar and the asament are also original.

Due to the type of construction and the quality of the materials, it is possible that it belonged to a wealthy family. Its location on the city wall also indicates that its owners must have been important people in society.