Calahorra Tower

The Calahorra Tower is one of the most beautiful and unique monuments of Cordoba. If you really want to return to the past and contemplate with the eyes of a medieval Cordoban one of the archetypes of that time, you must walk around the Calahorra.

History of the Calahorra Tower

In the 12th century, when this building was built by the Muslims, it was outside the city walls, and therefore had a defensive character. It was created in less than a century before the taking of Cordoba by Christians, and nowadays it houses temporary and permanent exhibitions, which emphasize the three cultures that gave Cordoba its current character (christians, muslims and jews).

But perhaps the most interesting thing you should know about the Calahorra Tower, is its location within the current Cordoba, in a privileged place, on the opposite bank of the Guadalquivir river. You can reach it through the old town, crossing the Bridge Gate (popularly known as ‘Arc of Triomf’) and crossing the Roman Bridge from end to end while elbowing yourself with dozens of groups of japanese, germans or belgians.

Thousands of tourists arrive every year at the Calahorra and are surprised by its large size and external hardness. If anyone looks at the walls that still exist from that medieval era you can check the degree of deterioration that allows to check the granulated rocks and pebbles that served more to give a sense of security than to defend Cordoba. In fact, even if you do not have to do it, if you scratch with a key you can remove clay granites. The Calahorra Tower, however, is built with thick rock that really guaranteed in the 12th century the defense of the Roman Bridge, which was the only access route to the Caliphate city from any point on the other side of the Guadalquivir.

Strolling along the banks of the old Betis River and stopping at the Calahorra Tower, will allow you to dive into a Cordoba from another era, in the transition between a Muslim world that was already languishing and the Christian power that took it to make Cordoba the mecca of the three cultures.

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