Calahorra Tower

Torre de la Calahorra junto al río Guadalquivir

The Calahorra Tower is one of the most beautiful and unique monuments of Cordoba, forming part of the river environment, along with the Arc de Triomf and the Roman Bridge. Strolling through the surroundings of the Calahorra is the way to understand how this part of the city was in medieval times.


History of the Calahorra Tower

In the 12th century, when this building was built by the Muslims. It was outside the walls of the city to have a defensive character. It was created less than a century before the taking of Cordoba by Christians and now houses temporary and permanent exhibitions that emphasize the three cultures that gave Cordoba its current character (Christians, Muslims and Jews).

Strategic location of the Tower

But perhaps the most interesting thing you should know about the de la Calahorra Tower is its location within the current Cordoba, in a privileged place, on the opposite bank of the Guadalquivir river. You can get to the Tower from the historic center, crossing the Bridge Door and crossing the Roman Bridge from end to end, which as a rule is full of tourists of all nationalities.

Thousands of tourists come every year to the Calahorra and are surprised with its large size and its external hardness. Anyone who sees the walls that still exist of that medieval era, can realize that it was a fortress, a way to create the sense of security that defends Cordoba.

La Calahorra is built with thick rock that guaranteed in the 12th century the defense of the Roman Bridge, which was the only access route to the city of Calipha from any point on the other side of the Guadalquivir.

Exhibitions in the Calahorra

Exhibitions in the Calahorra

If you visit the tower you will be able to enjoy several exhibitions of the Museo Vivo de al-Andalus. While you visit the rooms that are arranged on several floors of the building, you will be able to find pieces from the Muslim period. Measurement tools (recreations), paintings, tapestries, etc …

On the second floor there are a couple of very interesting models. One is from the Alhambra in Granada, made in great detail. Another of the models that are exposed is that of the Mosque of Cordoba, with the peculiarity that predates the conquest of the city by the Catholic Monarchs. What you can see is the Mosque in its Muslim version, without the Christian constructions inside it.

Mosque mockup

The Bridge Environment

The three main monuments of the area have undergone a great restoration throughout these last years. Both the Arch of Triumph, the Roman Bridge and the Calahorra, can now be seen with an image more similar to the one you had in Muslim era.

Strolling around the Bridge and stopping at the Calahorra Tower will allow you to plunge into a Cordoba from another era, in the transition between a Muslim world that was already languishing and the Christian power that took it to make Cordoba the mecca of the three cultures.

The views from the Calahorra Tower

The views from the Calahorra Tower

Another attraction of the Calahorra Tower are the views from its terrace. This terrace is accessed by a small spiral staircase, not suitable for those who suffer from fear of heights. Once at the top of the Tower you have some spectacular views of the River, the Bridge and the Old Town of Cordoba.

In summary, the Calahorra Tower is one of the monuments that you can not miss if you come to Cordoba, a highly recommended visit.