Royal Stables

Caballerías Reales de Córdoba

During the year 1570, Philip II, due to his sympathy and fondness for horses, decided to create the building project where he considered the Spanish thoroughbred colts would be developed, providing the construction of the Royal Stables in the Solars of Alcazar.

The king found an ideal place for the breeding of pure horses that were at the exclusive service of the monarchy, giving rise through genetic crossings to the breed that is currently known as the Andalusian horse or spanish thoroughbred. It is one of the monuments that attracts visitors most to the city, giving it renown and cultural prestige to Cordoba, favoring the economy by the full functioning of the building, receiving numerous tourists during the different seasons of the year.

The Royal Cavalry were declared in 1929 a national historical monument.

History of the stables

His majesty’s major cavalry man Don Diego López de Haro y Sotomayor was in charge of the works and its subsequent management. He was the person who advised that he solard next to the Alcazar was a perfect place to execute this work, there were the ancient caliphate stables, a space that in the time of Al Haq II housed numerous Arabian horses.

Don Diego was the man in charge of making The dream of Felipe II come true to create the Spanish horse or Andalusian, thus showing the greatness of the empire for the time.

In 1578, the date of the construction of the stables, some 1200 mares arrived in Cordoba that lived with their necessary offspring, foals and stallions, creating a new breed of horses according to what the King of Spain wanted.

This building was razed by a fire in 1757, being completely restored in just three years by express order of Charles III, providing it with new stables, patio, oratory, several offices and other rooms.

The stables belonged to the crown until 1866 when they became the state, currently there is a project to be part of the municipality.

Horse yard

The Building of Cavalry

The Royal Cavalry make up a magnificent and historic rectangular building, where the blocks are distributed. In its main room, whose edge vault cover is supported by columns of sandstone, divided into small spaces, highlighting block number 1, where its original structure and design is maintained.

Another element of interest in the stables are the Picadero, the Torreón de la Muralla and the Free Space of the Gardens. It is located very close to the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos and the Mosque.

How to visit the Royal Stables

The entrance and the tour to the stables is completely free, with a wide visiting hours throughout the week, only the Tuesday day is rest. The Royal Stables de Córdoba offers fantastic and wonderful equestrian events, recreating the passage of time.

Here is one of the most recognized horse events, “Passion and Goblin of the Andalusian Horse”, an equestrian show, where the combination of flamenco and the horse represent the fundamental pillar of the event, living an unparalleled musical experience, accompanied by the wonderful and majestic of the dancing horses this traditional dance.

You can buy tickets for only 15 euros at the ticket offices of the Royal Cavalry, where you will be able to attend one of the tourist attractions of the City of Córdoba. Here, you can also take riding lessons, spending a pleasant time with the instructors who will introduce you to everything you need from the Andalusian Horse.

In short, it is an essential place when visiting Cordoba, whether you are a fan or not of the equestrian world this corner will fascinate you. Discover the passion, magic and charm of the Cordoba Horses!