Things to do in Palma del Río

Recinto amurallado de Palma del Río

Palma del Rio is a town of Cordoba located in the Vega del Guadalquivir. It has a great tradition in the cultivation of oranges and other orchard products. Follow us and know what to see in Palma del Rio when you come to visit. The main sites of interest are the Portocarrero Palace, the Municipal Museum, the Historical Center of the city with its Walled Enclosure, the Hermitage of Our Lady of Bethlehem, the Coliseum Theater, the Fuentecilla de los Frailes and others.


Just in this locality, the Genil river joins as a tributary to the Guadalquivir river. It is an area of fertile lowlands dominated by a multitude of orchards. For this reason it is a town which has many bridges, some modern and others with history. In Palma del Rio there are two viewpoints, one overlooking the Genil river and the other one overlooking the Guadalquivir river.

The Portocarrero Palace

Now you can visit this Alcazar Palace, after a great restoration and enhancement. The Portocarrero Palace, its Mudejar gardens and its Almohad type walls, create in conjunction a spectacular area. It is important to remember that this monument has been catalogued as an Asset of Cultural Interest, since it is a mixture of cultures and civilizations.

The Municipal Museum

Inside what used to be the stables of the Palace of Portocarrero, is the municipal museum of Palma del Rio. In it you can see different rooms of art, bullfighting (dedicated to Manuel Benítez El Cordobés), ethnography and archeology.

Historic center of Palma del Río

In the historic center of the town, is the walled enclosure of Palma del Rio, is an area designed for walking, as it has a pedestrian area and different gardens with many varieties of plants and trees.

The walls are preserved virtually in its entirety and how could it be otherwise, surround the Portocarrero Palace, the most important of this town.

Ermita de Belén en Palma del Río

Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Belén

The Hermitage of Our Lady of Bethlehem is located at the entrance to the village, which can be reached by road from Cordoba. It is located in a complex with terraces on different levels, incorporating various gardens that give it a very welcoming image. The hermitage was built around the 17th century, transferring here the image of the Virgin of Bethlehem, which until then was in the convent of San Francisco.

When we visit this hermitage, we can contemplate the impressive viewpoint from which we can see the hamlet, the whole of Vega with its many orange groves, the Guadalquivir River that flows through the town and the old iron bridge built in its time by the Darget brothers.

Colosseum Theatre

As a space for the promotion of culture in Palma del Río, the Coliseo Theatre has been restored. It is a theatre with a capacity of 787 seats, where several congresses are held every year and some plays can be seen, such as the Theatre Fair in the South, which is held every year at the beginning of July.

The Fuentecilla de los Frailes

This was the meeting place for the neighbours of the area when there was no running water in the houses. It is very close to the Dominican monastery of Santo Domingo, hence the name of the fountain.

After restoration work in the area, it has been given the place it deserves and has been given value. Today, the present fountain serves as a reminder of this place.

So much for a summary of the places of tourist interest in this village in the fertile lowlands of Cordoba. Now you know what there is to see in Palma del Río if you dare to visit.