Things to do in Castro del Río

Qué ver en Castro del Río

This is a town located to the south of the capital that can be reached by the road to Granada. If you are wondering things to do in Castro del Río, follow us to find out more about this town.


In the area occupied by Castro del Río, remains from the Metal Age, the Neolithic, Iberian and different types of Greek ceramics have been found. We also know that the Romans and Visigoths passed through the town from the remains found there. Its name, Castro, could be translated as high and fortified city.

Its castle dates back to Arab times, as does the walled enclosure, part of which is still preserved. The town was conquered by Ferdinand III by means of an agreement, which led to the distribution of its lands. The history of Castro del Río was conditioned by the fact that it was a natural frontier on one of the main roads that linked Córdoba with Granada.

Castle and walls of Castro del Río

In the highest part of Castro is its castle, an example of military architecture from the medieval period. The castle is being restored and enhanced, preserving its original structure.

It was built with wall and masonry, being attached to the wall that surrounded the old town. The main fortress is almost square and has a defence tower at each of its corners. The best preserved parts of the complex are the parade ground, the keep and some of the dungeons.

To visit the castle you need to make an appointment with Castro Town Hall, telephone 957 943 081.

Castillo de Castro del Río

Surrounded by the Guadajoz River

One of the most characteristic sights to see in Castro del Rio when approaching from the Granada Road is the River Guadajoz. In a way, Castro is located in the highest part, surrounded by a meander of this river. To access this locality you must pass over one of its bridges.

La Villa neighbourhood

In the part of the village that was once a walled enclosure, is the Barrio de la Villa. It is made up of white houses situated in narrow, steep streets with typical Cordovan decoration. We could say that it is a sort of a small version of the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba. In this neighbourhood you can also see the oldest churches that are well known by the locals.

Church of La Asunción

The origin of the Church of the Assumption derives from the conquest of the town by Ferdinand III the Saint. Over the centuries some parts of the church have been in need of restoration, although a visit is recommended.

The most valuable pieces that remain are the choir stalls, dating from 1717, and an image of Christ Crucified dating from 1700.

What to visit near Castro

As we have already mentioned, Castro del Río is a city of passage between Córdoba and Granada, therefore, in its vicinity you can see several points of tourist interest. One of them is the archaeological site of Torreparedones, a historical enclave where you can find archaeological remains of Iberians and Romans.

A few kilometres away you can also visit the Ducal Castle of Espejo, a very well preserved monument in the highest part of the countryside where it stands.

In some ways, Castro del Río is not a tourist town or at least it is not known as such. Nevertheless, we recommend you to visit it, now you know things to do in Castro del Río for tourists.