Things to do in Priego de Cordoba

Fuente del Rey en Priego de Córdoba

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This is one of the villages of Cordoba you can visit, known as the City of Water for the amount of springs it has and also for its baroque history that can still be seen in many of its monuments and places of interest. If you want to know the things to see in Priego de Cordoba I encourage you to keep reading, you will surely be encouraged to come.

King’s Fountain

Very close to the city center, on Rio Street is the king´s Fountais (Fuente del Rey), one of the best known monuments of Priego. In the center of a park you can see this fountain, composed of three ponds on different levels with a multitude of jets of water. In the center, the sculpture of Neptune and Amphitrite on a cart pulled by several horses. A little higher, the statue of a lion in struggle with a snake.

Surrounding the whole pond, we can count on up to 139 jets of water, some of them protruding from a stone face with a somewhat “macabre” image. This fountain is one of the outdoor monuments where you will see the influence of the Baroque in Priego de Cordoba.

Source of Health

The source of health is another attraction to see in Priego de Cordoba. It lies just behind the King’s Fountain. A fountain that was built in the sixteenth century, on the occasion of channeling the water that served to supply the villa.

Iglesia de San Francisco en Priego de Córdoba

Baroque Churches

In Priego there are many Baroque-style churches that you can visit. One of them is the Church of the Assumption. A Gothic and Mudejar building, with a large baroque vault of the eighteenth century.

The Church of the Aurora has a baroque decoration that can be described as exuberant. It is a building that is distinguished by its dome, vault and entrance door, where no space remains undecorated. But what stands out most is his main altarpiece, a work of art.

Royal Butchers

Very close to the Castle is the building of Royal Butchers (Carnicerías Reales), it is an old market and slaughterhouse of the sixteenth century. Inside you can see a central courtyard with a fountain and arcades with half-point arches. Another attraction of the Royal Butchers are the spiral staircases that lead to the ground floor, where you will find what was once the slaughterhouse.

Castillo de Priego de Córdoba

Priego de Cordoba Castle

Next to the Villa district is priego Castle. It is a fortress of Arab origin built in the thirteenth century to serve as a defense of the city. It is composed of the walled enclosure and several towers, some of them can be visited.

One of the towers, that of the Tribute, was declared as an Artistic Historic Monument in 1943. It is a tower that is in the center of the fortress and measures 30 meters high.

Calle del Barrio de la Villa en Priego de Córdoba

Villa Quarter

The Neighborhood of the Villa is the oldest of the town, is of Arab origin and is reminiscent by the shape of its houses and streets to the Neighborhood of the Jewish Quarter in Cordoba. It is a quiet area through which to walk to admire all its beauty.

It joins the city centre with the Adarve and is composed of white houses on narrow streets with cobbled floors. The houses are adorned with typical pots and flowers, such as geraniums and gypsies.

The Adarve

The Adarve is a large natural balcony where the neighborhood of the Villa ends. It is one of the iconic images of Priego, from where you can contemplate part of the countryside and its typical Andalusian landscape.

Escultura de Joselito en el Balcón del Adarve

Entering the Paseo de Colombia, on the railing of the Adarve there is a sculpture by Joselito (famous Spanish actor). It is a tribute made to him by the people to thank the film Saeta del Nightingale (saeta del ruiseñor) to be shot here.

The Recreo de Castilla

Under the Castle and the Aldarve Wall is the Recreo de Castilla, a garden with pond that pretends to be a romantic promenade with various vegetation and water games. It is a cool place to walk in summer which is also called Huerta de las Infantas.

These are the main monuments and places of interest that you have to see in Priego de Córdoba if you decide to visit us.