Things to do in Santaella

Qué ver en Santaella

Santaella is a town in the south, about 40Km from Cordoba, situated in the central part of the countryside. Among other things, one of its tourist attractions is the so-called Catedral de la Campiña (Cathedral of the countryside). Follow us to find out things to do in Santaella as a tourist.


Although remains of prehistoric civilisations have been found in these lands, Santaella takes its name from Santa-Ialla, an Arab city that was conquered by Fernando III el Santo in 1240. Ownership of the town was ceded to Córdoba until 1569, when it became a municipality.

Throughout the following centuries, Santaella has been influenced by different types of architecture, from Romanesque to Baroque, including Gothic, etc.

Church of the Assumption

Due to its importance, the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción is the most visited by tourists. It is a temple from the Renaissance period with remarkable dimensions. It has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and is nicknamed the Cathedral of the Countryside.

As in so many other places in Spain, this church is built on the remains of an old Muslim mosque, which was transformed into a Christian temple. This church as a whole shows the different architectural styles it has received over the centuries.

Castillo de Santaella

Medieval Castle

Another of Santaella’s most important monuments is its Medieval Castle. Of Arab origin, it was placed in the hands of the crown after the reconquest. It is a castle that is currently being restored and about which various legends are told.

One of them tells the story that it was here that Miguel de Cervantes was inspired by one of the adventures of Don Quixote. It is a very charming place that you should not miss in this village.

Other points of interest

Another of the attractions to see in Santaella are its various hermitages. The Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora del Valle, whose construction dates back to the 18th century, stands out, as well as the Chapel of La Concepción and the Chapel of Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz.

When strolling through the streets of the village you can also see several curious sculptures. One of them is the Lioness, made of bronze and given to the town by a Brazilian sculptress. Other famous sculptures are the Relectura de Dalí or the Maternidad, better known as La Gorda.

Municipal Historical Museum

The Municipal Historical Museum is housed in an 18th century palace with a large central porticoed courtyard. Here you can see pieces representing the different cultures that have inhabited these lands. A highly recommended visit to learn about the past and history of the town.
Tourism in Santaella

The Santaella Town Hall promotes tourism in the town with different routes to get to know all the details of this village. Some of them are the heritage route, the route of the fountains, the route of the farmhouses and haciendas, etc.

Now you know things to do in Santaella when you visit the town, a town with a lot of history just 30 or 40 minutes from Cordoba.