Things to do in Baena

Baena is a town in the south of the province, in the Cordoba countryside. It is located halfway between Cordoba and Granada. It is popular for its Coliblancos and Colinegros festivals, its picturesque Holy Week, for its prized olive oil with its own designation of origin, its white houses and the great artistic and historical heritage it preserves.


The Castle of Baena

The Baena Castle is located in the highest part of the city, in the centre of the old town, and is one of the most important monuments in Baena. It is a square castle where the original walls and three of the four towers are still preserved. The names of the towers are Secret, Rattles and Five Corners. The latter is also called the Archers’ Tower.

You can visit it every day in the morning except Tuesday and Friday and Saturday afternoon.

Coso Square

This is now the Plaza de la Constitución and is one of the main squares in Baena. The Casa del Monte stands out on one side, it is a large brick building where the Mudejar style is evident. Another of the buildings that make up this square is the Town Hall.

Yacimiento de Torreparedones

Archaeological Museum

A visit to the Archaeological Museum of Baina is very interesting. It is located in the old Casa de la Tercia, built in the last years of the eighteenth century. Originally it served as an oil cellar and grain and seed storage. In 2010, the building was extensively renovated and now houses the headquarters of the museum.

In the two main rooms you can see elements and fossils from the prehistoric period. There are also many sculptures from the Iberian period on display, many of them from the Cerro de los Molinillos, Cerro de Minguillar or Torreparedones sites.

The Arab Wall

In Baena, a large part of the Arab wall that surrounded Almedina is preserved. The Torre del Sol, the Puerta Torreón del Arco Oscuro, the Arco de Santa Bárbara and the Arco de la Consolación are preserved along with the walls.


Torreparedones or Torre de las Vírgenes is an open-air place in the middle of the countryside, between Baena and Castro del Río. Here you can see a place that was inhabited by Iberians, Romans and other cultures before the Middle Ages.

As a location on the top of a hill, it offers a spectacular view. It has the advantage of being surrounded by a large olive grove, so there are no other buildings to alter the archaeological remains.Torreparedones is a site that still offers a wealth of information for archaeologists and visitors alike.

The most important places of the site are the East Gate, the Ibero-Roman Sanctuary, the Forum and the Market as the political center of the city, the Eastern Cemetery, the Civil Cathedral, the Western Street of the old Ibero-Roman city, the Sanctuary of the Virgin and the last castle and its towers.

Nunez de Prado Olive Oil Mill

Baena has a great culture of olive growing, so a visit to the Nunez de Prado olive oil mill is a good idea. Here you can participate in an olive oil tasting or taste a typical Morinello breakfast. In this oil mill you can visit the cellar, dating back to 1795, where the traditional clay jars used to store the oil are still preserved.

Now you know what to see in Baina, we invite you to visit this incredible town …