Things to do in Pozoblanco

Casas en Pozoblanco

Pozoblanco is a village in the Sierra de Cordoba, it is known for the Iberian products of the area, such as the Iberian acorn-fed ham with Protected Designation of Origin Valle de los pedroches. We can also say that this village is the largest in the region and has many architectural attractions for tourists. Do you want to know what to see in Pozoblanco? follow us …


In this town, old areas with white house buildings and the use of granite coexist with more modern industrial areas. Pozzobranco is a village with wide streets in the style of villages in the area.

The bullring in Pozo Blanco

The bullring Coso de los Llanos has a history of over a century. Very important bullfights in history have been held in this square, as well as in the world of bullfighting. But perhaps the event that made this bullring famous was the fatal bullfight of the bullfighter Paqueri in 1984.

Posoviejo Square

This is a place where visitors can stop and learn about the history of the town, where the first settlements and buildings appeared in the 15th century. In the center of the square there is a scene with the coat of arms of Posobranco, which is made up of a well of this color, a rooster standing on a curbstone and these under an oak tree.

These symbols perfectly identify the history of Posobranco, which was founded by several shepherds who fled the plague in the neighboring village of Pedroche.

Casa de la Viga (House of Viga)

The Casa de la Viga takes its name from a large wooden beam preserved inside. The importance of this house comes from its architecture, such as its wide spaces, the large open fireplace, the granite used in some places and the well. You can see this house in the old town, very close to the Old Well Square.

Church Square

Until a century ago, Iglesia Square was one of the most social areas of the village. Three buildings stand out in this square, one is the College of the Conceived Mother, next to it is the Chapel of Jesus of Nazareth and finally the Church of Santa Catarina.

Perhaps this is one of the best places to see in Posobranco.

Church of Santa Catarina

This church dates back to the end of the 15th century. It has a Latin cross plan, a single nave and a barrel vaulted ceiling. Different fraternities and sororities have their headquarters in this church.
Chapel of the Father of Jesus of Nazareth

Its construction is thought to have taken place around 1923. In 1930, the original chapel was demolished and a new chapel was built on the same site. In this chapel, Hernán Ruiz’s altarpiece stands out, which succeeds the main altar of the Córdoba Cathedral.

As a curiosity, here you can see an image of the Nazarene, the only religious image that was preserved during the civil war in Posobranco, because a mason hid it with a wall.

El Silo Theater

A magnificent renovation work was carried out in an old silo from the mid-20th century. From the outside it looks like a typical grain warehouse, but inside it is a completely modern and functional theater that surprises everyone who visits it.

Pedrick Monastery

The Pedric Monastery is located in the city of Pozzobranco, in the heart of the Pedrozzi Valley. As a curiosity, the location of this monastery was shaped by the proximity to the ancient Roman gold mines. Next to the monastery there are small caves where the monks lived like a hermitage.

Today, the monastery is home to the Aurelio Teno Foundation, which is often used as a conference center, and inside the monastery, the artist’s works are displayed as a museum.

Sculpture of Don Quixote

Aurelio Teno is the author of the sculpture of Don Quixote, which you can see in Posobranco. It shows the image of Don Quixote in his imagination. You can see this strange image in the Recinto Ferial of the town.

Now you know more details and places to see in Pozoblanco. Come visit this beautiful city, it is worth it.