The House of Sepharad

House of Sepharad

The House of Sefarad or Casa de la Memoria is located in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Cordoba, considered of the most surprising urban spaces of all medieval Jewish quarters throughout Europe.

This House of Sefarad is a private museum, a place that tries to give the visitor memories of the transcendental in the Jewish-Spanish. It was opened in 2004, with the intention of publicizing and rescuing the Jewish legacy, so important in the City of Cordoba, pretending to keep the history and tradition of Sephardic alive.

This incredible place, has at your disposal a permanent exhibition, specialized library, guided tours, you will be able to hold music workshops, as well as a series of activities that will allow you to know from good source the framed secrets of Jewish culture with all its enormous wealth.

Sefarad House Rooms

It is a house in which you can take a tour through eight rooms, located around a colorful central courtyard, with figures representative of Judaism.

You start by delving into this magical world of memories, through the life cycle room, it contains objects from all over the Mediterranean diaspora, with truly fantastic original pieces.

The women’s room, with works by the Cordoba painter José Luis Muñoz, representing Jewish, Christian and Muslim ladies who inhabited the territory, having a public prominence. You can see how well elaborate these paintings are, full of realism around their faces.

You will find in the party room or festive cycle, a number of objects that relate to the festivities, specifically the Sephardic tradition.

The Jewish Quarter, in its space of the Synagogue, you will find everything related to it, where they will tell you every detail about this religion. You will be able to see an illustrative shot of the Jewish quarter of the fourteenth century

The music room, you will find something magical of the Sephardic tradition, being a fundamental value in its culture.

In the domestic room, you will be able to enjoy these indigenous objects regarding the everyday of family life, cooking, weddings, crafts.

In addition, a didactic space dedicated to Maimonides, where the life of this outstanding doctor, philosopher, native of Cordoba, considered a reference of medieval thought, is shown.

The House of Sefarad Hours

These are the times when you can visit the museum

Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00h.

On Sundays and public holidays from 11:00 to 18:00h.

It has a price of 4 euros.

How to get there

This museum is located in the Jewish quarter of the city, specifically on Calle Judios esq. with Averroes Street, very close to the Synagogue. More information is available in the following intercative map.