House of Water

La Casa del Agua en Córdoba

This interpretation center on water in Cordoba is an initiative which aims to be a reference in terms of dissemination on the culture of water. This museum was created with the intention of reflecting on the use we make of water, its exploitation and to commit future generations to its conservation and better use.

What is exhibited in this House of Water is a representation of the history of water in Cordoba, treated as a vital element and through which we will know the uses and customs of the people of Cordoba in the past.

Different rooms of the museum

Room I analyzes one of the most important aspects of water. It is about the supply of the liquid element to the city for its different uses, including human use, irrigation and the evacuation system. Room II is dedicated to the different ceramic vessels that have been used in later centuries, through the shape of these ceramics we study the different cultures, religions and the most common uses.

Casa de vecinos en Córdoba

Moving on to the third room of the museum we can see the different fountains, their uses and how they have changed the physiognomy of the city. Many of these historical fountains are still in use and can be visited. Water also brought different popular trades such as laundry, water carriers, the first plumbers, etc.. All these curiosities can be seen in room IV.

Finally, in room V we can see the evolution of the uses and exploitation of water at the beginning of the 20th century, from here we can see, among other things, the houses of neighbors with shared uses of water and the typical Patios of Cordoba.

When to visit the house of water

This museum can be visited from Wednesday to Monday, in the mornings from 10:15 am to 2:15 pm. The visit lasts about an hour and the entrance fee is 5€, with discounts for children under 16 years old.

How to get there

The House of Water is located in Portillo Street, at number 6. It is a narrow street that is very close to the Church of San Francisco. For more information, you can get there in a few minutes walking from the Mosque.