Art on Leather Museum

Casa Museo Arte sobre Piel en Córdoba

The Art on Leather Museum is a place not to be missed, very close to the mosque and Alley of Flower. Today it is known as the house of Ramón García Romero, an artist who, through research and with the help of José Carlos Vilaresjo García, managed to recover the traditional art of Cordoba, the Guadamerci of the Umayyad Caliphate.

The history of Guadamerci art

Guadamerci art is made up of a series of techniques in which leather is worked and given different shapes, along with gilding and polychromy. These techniques entered history after the conquest of Al-Andalus by the Muslim people. This new type of art was conceived by combining the leatherwork already developed in Cordoba with the botanical decoration typical of the Muslim religion.

Interior de la Casa Museo Arte sobre Piel

The different rooms of the museum

This museum of leather art has different rooms where you can see the evolution of this technique and the different pieces made with it. Caliphal Guadamecí is the name of the first room, dedicated to the technique of the Umayyad Guadamecí. Here you can see various different types of panels and boxes, all based on geometric shapes, plants and exotic birds.

The second room is dedicated to Guadamecí ceramics, where you can see this type of art applied to different ceramic vessels, in addition to different leather pieces. You can find these techniques in the third room, where there are different types of cases: marbled, carved, modeled, embossed and others.

The fourth room of the museum is called Between the Pillars, where you can see the different tools and vessels used in Guadamerci. A great tool with which to discover a little more of this work of art. Finally, in the fifth room, you will learn more about the history of Guadamerci leather art.

Where is this museum?

This Art on Leather Museum can be found in the agrupación de cofradías square. you can get there through the Céspedes street, which is just a few meters away from the Cordoba Mosque. It is also very close to Calleja de las flores.