Albolafia Mill

Molino de la Albolafia en Córdoba

The Alborafia Mill is the symbol of Cordoba, in fact it is one of the images that appears on the city’s coat of arms. It is the oldest in this part of the river and dates back to Roman times.

Its main function was to supply water to the orchards of the Alcázar, but we know that it was also used as a wheat mill. The location of this water wheel is next to the Roman bridge and you can see it if you walk along the river.

The story goes that Isabella, a Catholic, had the wheels removed because she couldn’t stand the noise. The water wheel was removed so that the queen could sleep, but the Alcázar’s orchards eventually suffered from a lack of water.

What you can see now is the wooden structure that was rebuilt in 1992. At that time there was a fire that left it in a very poor state. Once the restoration work began, the base was cleaned and the various water channels that made it functional were restored.