Battle of the flowers

batalla de las Flores 2020 en Córdoba

The Battle of the Flowers is one of the first festivities of May in Cordoba. Through the center of the city, in several of the most important avenues, a parade with a float is held from which flowers are thrown to the attendees.

Many of the attendees, including people from Cordoba and tourists, return the flowers to the floats, creating a real flower battle. It is the way to welcome spring.

When is celebrated

This year it is scheduled for the morning of 2 May. Last year it could not be held because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so this year you should make the most of it and go and see it.

Mujeres en la Batalla de las Flores

Who organizes it

Every year the Federation of Peñas Cordobesas organizes this celebration. In which the floats are decorated as if it were a fair. There are many women who dress in the traditional gypsy dress, giving the party much more color.

Where it is celebrated

The Battle of the Flowers is organized every year in the Paseo de la Victoria and its surroundings, very close to the city center.