Christ of the Lanterns

Cristo de los Faroles en la Plaza de Capuchinos

The Christ of the Lanterns is a sculpture that Fray Diego José de Cádiz ordered to build the sculptor Juan Navarro León. It is a very beloved statue in the city, and is located in the Capuchinos Square. The enclave where this Christ is located makes it very special.

Where is the Christ of the Lanterns

The Capuchinos Square is the place where the Christ of the Lanterns is located. It is a square that preserves the original cobblestone, when it still belonged to the courtyard of the Convent del Santo Ángel. It is a place where time seems to have stopped, a pedestrian square that still retains its image of the last century.

This square has two pedestrian entrances and its walls are whitewashed like centuries ago. Together with the paving of the ground, the image of the old Cordova and the silence that is breathed, make one go back to past times.

What used to be a convent courtyard became a square when it was decided to open two of its expensive pedestrian entrances and thus join two of the old neighborhoods of the city. Besides the Christ, in the square is the church of the Virgen de los Dolores and the convent church of Santísimo Ángel de Capuchinos.

When you can visit

Being a public square, you can visit every day at any time. What I always recommend is to visit the square at night (if time is available). Being a square with few lamps, the image of the Christ illuminated by its lanterns offers a spectacular picture.

Curiosities of the Christ

His real name is Christ of the Remedies and Mercy and dates from 1794. What we can see now is the original Christ, to which the lanterns were changed in the year 1984. In the time of the 50’s the fence is installed We can see now. We also know that the pavement of the square was renovated at the same time by the mayor Antonio Cruz Conde.

Legend of the Christ

Legend has it that every night a hooded man approached the Christ, only the sound of his stealthy footsteps could be heard. When he stood next to the statue of Christ, he would whisper a few words and then leave.

After many years of mystery the man revealed his secret before disappearing. Apparently he was a man who had been a soldier of the King. One night he woke up disoriented next to the Christ of the Lanterns after being attacked by assailants.

His way of thanking the Christ for his recovery was to go to him every night. You can find more information about the city and its monuments in Cordoba Tourism.