Contest of Bars and Balconies

Concurso de Rejas y Balcones

The Rejas y Balcones Contest is usually held on the same date as the Patios de Córdoba and several owners participate in it who decorate their bars or balconies with pots and brightly colored flowers, as corresponds to the May Cordovan festival.

These competing balconies are the target of many professionals and photography enthusiasts, who leave us some fantastic postcards of this very particular party.

When is celebrated

This year 2022 the dates of the competition coincide with the dates of the Patios, from the 3rd to the 15th of May. The great thing about this initiative is that you can see the decorated Balcones while you wander through the streets of Cordoba looking for the different patios in the competition.

What are the balconies that enter the contest

To see the Balconies that go into the competition, we have created an interactive map with which you can easily each and every one of the balconies. There is no type of schedule or restriction to go see them, since they all face the street.

Mapa del concurso de Rejas y Balcones

We recommend this competition if you like the floral decoration and the typical style of the Patios of Cordoba and remember, don’t forget your camera!