Cordoba´s Fair

Portada de la Feria de Córdoba

The Cordoba´s Fair, celebrates the last week of May, culminating the month of celebration par excellence in the city. There are thousands of people who visit the Fair every year, from Cordoba to foreigners, who travel to the Recinto del Arenal to celebrate this festival.


Thousands of people visit the Fair every year, from locals to foreigners, who come to the Recinto del Arenal to celebrate this festival.

Dates of the Fair 2020

Dates of the Fair 2022

This year 2022, the Fair will be held from 21st to 28th May, as long as we have a normal situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, if there are no major changes, the Fair will return to normal, where the various attractions for children and young people will be installed along with the usual stands.

Booths at the Cordoba´s Fair

This year, the Arenal Campus has more than 98 booths, which, as we have said before, are all open access. One of the characteristics of the Cordoba´s Fair is that access to all the booths is totally free, with very few exceptions. The decoration of these houses is very traditional, with decorations that resemble the typical houses of neighbors of the city. The main ornaments are pots, fences and the typical color, without missing the traditional lanterns.

Another aspect to highlight of the fair booths is that many of them have air conditioning, so the heat of these dates is much more bearable. As every year, the contest of booths is celebrated and the best decorated will receive a prize.

Horse ride

The horse ride is another attraction of the Cordoba Fair. There are many riders and coachmen that can be seen in the Arenal. They offer a very colorful image, along with the number of visitors that come to the fair with the typical costumes.

Fair attractions

The attractions of the Fair are located at Street of Hell, inside the Arenal Campus. At the entrance of the enclosure is the Ferris Wheel, followed by other attractions for young people, the tombolas and fast food establishments. In the streets of the Peineta and the Volante are the attractions for the little ones. The Wednesday is the day of the chill and the price of the attractions is reduced by 50%.

Fair attractions

Where the Fair is held

The fair is held every year in the Arenal area, an area in the south of the city next to the Guadalquivir river. Many years ago the fair used to be held in the centre, but the disruption it caused for a week made it move from that area. Nowadays and in the new location, the fair is much bigger and accessible to all the public who decide to come.

How to go to the Cordoba 2022 fair

Every year a special traffic plan is made for fair days. In addition, special car parks are available to drive to the Arenal site. Do you want to know how to get to the Fair of Cordoba 2022?, keep reading …

By Taxi

The most comfortable way to go to The Arenal in Feria is precisely by public transport, more specifically by taxi. For fair days there are more taxis circulating so that there are no delays at the stops.

The best thing about going by taxi to the fair is not to worry about parking or traffic jams, as well as being able to have a drink without worrying about driving. You have more information on the Radiotaxi and Córdoba e-taxi website.

The bus

Aucorsa produces a fair plan every year and runs buses that arrive directly at Arenal from all parts of the city. Although at peak times there may be many people at the stops, it is always easy to arrive at the fair by city bus.

For the return, special fair buses are running until the early hours of the morning. You can get more information on the aucorsa website.

By car

Although less recommended, the city council enables several car parks near the Arenal to be able to reach by car. The largest of all is on the other side of the highway, giving pedestrian access to the fair under the Madrid Cádiz motorway bridge.

Walk on foot

If you are in the area of the Jewish quarter, near the Mosque and old town, going on foot is a good way to access the Arenal enclosure. It is hardly a walk across the Roman Bridge and the Arenal Bridge, where it is already pedestrian and is one of the entrances of the Fair.