Medieval Market

Medieval Market

The Medieval Market has become a tradition in Cordoba. This year 2022 it should be held on the last weekend of January, taking place in the surroundings of the Calahorra Tower.

What you can see in the Medieval Market

It is a market of different stalls in which the decoration takes us to medieval times, with the typical fabric ornaments, the clothing of the staff who attend the stalls and the food and crafts products that are sold.

The feeding posts have cheeses, bread, sweets, etc…, all made in an artisanway. At the craft stalls you can find pottery, objects for the house and all kinds of gadgets that the artisans themselves make on site.

Another attraction of the Medieval Market are the different exhibitions of music, dancing, juggling games, wrestling with weapons of the time, children’s games and the traditional exhibition of live raptors, with which to be photographed.

What’s new in the medieval market

The main novelty this year in the Market is precisely the name change. The City Council has decided to call it this year the Theme Market of Cordoba. The idea is to expand its meaning and expand to all the cultures that inhabited the city.

In the 2022 edition of the Market you will be able to know traits and customs of each of the Roman, Sephardic, Muslim and Christian cultures.

Market Program

During these days there is an extensive program that you can see below. The main events within the Medieval Market are a gastronomic tasting next to the Torre de la Calahorra, a quick painting contest, a costume contest and a photography contest on Instagram.

These days, the Medieval Market hosts several activities that can be visited every day, such as the medieval camp, the torture chamber exhibition, the falconry exhibition, a sample of ancient weapons, puppet theatre and a workshop Trades.

In different areas of the market there is also a children’s corner and an amusement park for the little ones, all inspired by medieval times.

Market situation

This year there is a large influx of crowds. It is a fact that every year the number of people who visit it is increasing. On this occasion and as a novelty, the market will occupy the area of Miraflores, the streets behind the Calahorra Tower and there will also be posts at the bridge door and the Plaza del Potro.

Next to the sandy area will be enabled for parking. The layout of the parking area will be very similar to the one used for La Magna. A terrify area next to the Arenal Bridge will also be enabled.