Municipal Souk

Zoco municipal de Artesanos en Córdoba

Next to the Plaza de Maimonides, there is the Municipal Souk, the first craft market that was created in Spain, that is where several Cordoba artisans have their workshops, where they offer you for your enjoyment leather, ceramic and silver goods.

It is a building with Mudejar style of two floors, with a central patio porticated around. it is also known as the Craft Market. Since 1986 in this place was established the Cordobesa Association of Artisans and was pronounced “Good of Cultural Interest”

History and origin of the Souk

The origin of the Souk is due to medieval Islamic civilization. It represented a site of marked interest and vital importance to the economy of the city. Its construction was carried out in the Gardens of the House of the Bulas in the 50s. It was inaugurated in 1954 by Mayor Antonio Cruz Conde.

The idea of creating this artisan alloteur market was to recreate the Arab markets, where artisans would manufacture their products in the presence of visitors.

What you can find in the Municipal Souk

In the Municipal Souk you can observe the workshops of the expert artisans, where you can buy ceramics, sculptures in paper marche, jewelry, leathers, wooden puppets, showing the magnificent of the works of these popular Cordoba artists. you will also meet first-hand the well-known Filigrea in Cordoba.

You will be able to admire how the artisans work, how thorough they are to carry out their tasks, where very kindly they will offer their services, managing to carry something typical of the city.

In this space is held annually The European Days of Handicrafts. In those days you can discover the magic of the artisans. It is an event in which it is intended to publicize the current production of artists, with guided tours, exhibitions, workshops, conferences.

Zoco Municipal de Artesanos

The Municipal Souk today

Currently it has been announced that the Municipal Souk will be modernized and removed by the City Council of Cordoba, these works try to give it more value and attract a greater number of tourists.

The improvements that will be made range from the bleaching of the walls, the whitening, ornametal decoration, improvement of the pavements and access for people with disabilities. The whole reform is aimed at giving visitors a comfortable and pleasant space where they feel at ease to be present in it.

This site has become a must-see of the tourist, not only to acquire some handmade product, but to get into the magic of the place that recreates the fantastic of the culture of Cordoba.

The Municipal Souk is a very nice place worth visiting, do you cheer up?