Roasted chestnuts in Cordoba

Comer castañas asadas en Córdoba

As every year, in Cordoba the positions of roasted chestnuts in the streets are traditional. They are small stalls where chestnuts are roasted and sold. They are so characteristic that they remind us that autumn has arrived.

Near each post, the smell is so appealing that you have to stop to buy a cartridge at least to try them. At this time of year you want to eat them warm, made with charcoal embers.

When chestnut stands will be open

This year, they will begin to see the streets from October. This year, the city council has given authorization to be open until mid-January. Although they are traveling, chestnut stands are authorized by the town hall itself.

New this year

This year and as a novelty, in some positions of chestnuts are selling roasted corn cobs. It is a novelty in this type of positions, and we still do not know the acceptance that they will have on the part of the public.

Roasted chestnut stalls in 2022

This year he has permission to open some less than in previous years. There are 21 places that will open this winter. In this list you can see them all.

  • Avenida de Barcelona
  • Glorieta Amadora
  • Avenida de Almogávares
  • Avenida Virgen de Fátima
  • Mercado Artesanal (avenida Fray Alba)
  • Avenida de Isla Fuerteventura
  • Pasaje María Cañas
  • Avenida Equipo 57
  • Gran Vía Parque
  • Glorieta Cruz de Juárez
  • Plaza de los Califas
  • avenida de Libia
  • Avenida de Granada
  • Avenida del Cairo
  • Glorieta Ciudades de Hiroshima y Nagasaki
  • Calle del Deporte
  • Carretera de Trassierra
  • Calle Elena Moyano (parque Teletubbies)
  • Avenida de América
  • Avenida Agrupación Córdoba
  • Bulevar del Gran Capitán