Tendillas Square

Plaza de las Tendillas en Córdoba

Tendillas Square is the most famous square in Cordoba as it is part of the city’s nerve centre. It is a venue for gatherings, demonstrations and various events, as well as an ideal place to stroll around.


The name was coined by the many small craft shops that began to spring up in the early years.

The square marks the dividing line between the commercial and shopping areas, and historically Cordoba was the most visited place. You can quickly recognise the place by the equestrian statue depicting the Grand Captain of Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba.

The history of Las Tendillas Square

The story of Las Tendillas Square begins in the mid-20th century when the mayor, Don José Cruz Conde, decided to demolish the Hotel Suizo. By demolishing this building, a large space was created in the city centre. This created Las Tendillas Square, where construction began on the buildings that are still standing today and which are essential to the recent history of Cordoba.

Historic buildings in the square

One of these historic buildings is the Unión y el Fénix, where the telephone office is located today. It has recently been renovated and you can still see the characteristic statues on it.

Another of these historic buildings is the clock in the square. It is a very strange clock because instead of using a bell to mark the time, it uses a guitar to play it. It should also be said that this clock was chosen to celebrate the end of the year.

Opposite the Union and Phoenix buildings is the Palazzo Colomera, which is now a hotel but was once the residence of the Count of Colomera. In this building the top floor and the upper pergola are conspicuous.


The square as we know it today is completely pedestrianised and still dominated by the equestrian statue of Don Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, which now stands in the middle of a large fountain. The square is surrounded by a large number of orange trees that provide shade for the dark stone benches.

Also noteworthy is a series of 16 columns of water gushing directly from the ground. Although closed in winter, they are a highlight of the area in summer. If you are in Cordoba on business or as a tourist, don’t miss the Tendillas Square.