Alley of Flowers

Alley of Flowers

The alley of flowers in a narrow street that is right in the Jewish quarter, a few meters from the Mosque-cathedral. This street is one of the most visited by tourists, looking to photograph the Cathedral Tower from this perspective.

Alley of Flowers description

It is a narrow street adorned with lots of flower pots on the walls, which are daily taken care of by the neighbors of the area. The Alley begins at Velazquez Bosco Street and ends at a small square with no exit. In this square, there is an octagonal fountain and a marble column in the center, where the water comes from.

The square where the Calle de las Flores ends is the closest thing to a typical Cordoban patio, with pots on the walls, latticed balconies, a lemon tree above the fountain, and the typical pavement of the time, with large granite slabs next to the walls, simulating an old steel.

Curiosities of the Street

The alley of flowers, as it is now known, is the result of its last restoration, which was carried out in the middle of the last century by the mayor Antonio Cruz Conde. During the restoration of this street, the pavement was changed for the current one, half-point arches were built between the houses and pots were placed decorating the room.

The Alley of Flowers and photography

Did you know that this iconic place is one of the most photographed in Cordoba? There are many tourists who come every day to take the famous photo of the Alley of Flowers with the Tower of the Mosque in the background (you can see some here). Something will have this site to receive so many views …

How to get to Alley of Flowers

The Alley of Flowers can be visited in the Jewish quarter, very close to the Mosque. Remember that you enter from Calle Velázquez Bosco and not from Calle Encarnación.