Alley of the Small Bows

Calleja de los Arquillos

The Alley of the Small Bows is a place with a terrible legend. It is located near the Cathedral, so if you are near the Mosque Cathedral, you can visit it.

When Cordoba was the capital of the Caliphate of Andalusia, events took place that led to a legend, the legend of the infants de Lara. This legend tells how Gonzalo Gustos travelled to the capital to be received by Almazor. In reality it was a hoax, and when he arrived he was imprisoned and shown the heads of his seven decapitated sons.

It is not clear whether these heads were hung on the archway of this alley, but that is what the legend says. Later, Gonzalo Gustos had a son with a Muslim slave, Mudala, who, years later, eventually avenged his father and his seven half-brothers.

Entrada de la Calleja de los Arquillos

The Alley of the Small Bows leads to the House of the Cabezas, a typical medieval building with several courtyards. It is said that this house was one of Almanzor’s palaces, and it is even believed to have been the place where Gonzalo Gustios was imprisoned.

Today it is a house museum where you can learn all about the history of this unique space.