Courtyards Festival in Cordoba

courtyards of cordoba

The Courtyard Festival 2022 in Cordoba takes place in the first weeks of May. It is a festival organised by the City Council of Cordoba and some private companies to reward the patios that have achieved a better decoration and in some way represent more faithfully the image of the typical Cordoban courtyard.


What is intended with this Courtyards Festival is to maintain a deep-rooted tradition in Cordoba and reward the efforts of the neighbors who maintain and care for them. In addition, these small architectural monuments, typical of the city for decades, are sponsored and disseminated.

When the Courtyards Festival is celebrated

In this year 2022 the Courtyard Festival is celebrated from the 3rd to the 15th of May. The Patios are open to the public free of charge from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00. The conditions to visit the courtyards change, being necessary the presence of a person controlling the capacity in each courtyard. The timetable may vary due to COVID 19 restrictions.

Map of the Courtyards 2022

Below you have a map of the courtyards 2022 where you can see the courtyards that enter the contest in their respective addresses. Just click on the image and you can visit them all without fear of getting lost.

Map of the Courtyards in Cordoba

The most visited Courtyards

The most visited yards or those with more tradition are those found in the old town, in the neighborhoods of the Jewish Quarter, San Agustín, Santa Marina, San Lorenzo and San Basilio.

 Old Alcazar and Jewish Quarter

The Yards that are presented to contest regularly in the Alcazar and the Jewish quarter are those located in the streets Postrera 28, San Basilio 44, San Basilio 14, Martín de Roa 7, Judíos 6, Céspedes 10, Encarnación 11 and Rey Heredia 22.

San Pedro and Santiago

The best known are those found in Mease Luis 9, Maese Luis 22, Don Rodrigo 7, La Palma 3, Calle Aceite 8, Siete Revueltas 1, Tinte 9, Barrionuevo 22, and Escañuela 3.

Santa Marina and San Lorenzo

In the Santa Marina and San Lorenzo areas, the most visited courtyards are the streets of Marroquíes 6, Tafures 2, Zarco 15, Parras 5, Pozanco 21, Pastora 2, San Juan de Palomares 11 and Trueque 4.

How to visit the Courtyards

The first thing you should know is that these yards are part of private homes where families live all year round, so visitors are kindly requested to behave appropriately. You can visit the courtyards, but the enclosed spaces that give these are of the families that inhabit them, therefore they are not open to the public.

You can photograph the Courtyards, pots and flowers as much as you want. It is a challenge to make good snapshots in such small spaces and with so much public. It is advised not to abuse the space because these days there is a large influx of people who want to access the courtyards to be able to see them, there must be space and time for everyone.

The best way to admire the courtyards is in silence. The sound of the water from the fountains and the smells of the flowers at this time of the year, invite calm and observation. When you visit the Cordovan courtyards, do it in silence (if possible) and remember that in case of doubt you can ask the neighbors of these courtyards, who will be delighted to attend you.

Access to the yards is completely free, with the advantage of not having to collect tickets. It is only a matter of getting in line (if there is one) and waiting for the turn to enter. This year the town hall has arranged several public toilets in the areas of courtyards on display.