Handkerchief Alley

Calleja del Pañuelo en Córdoba

The Handkerchief Alley is one of the most visited places by tourists. You could say that this is the way to go before or after passing Alley of Flowers. It is a Moorish style street, conspicuous for its columns and very narrow.

How to get to Handkerchief Alley

This is a street very close to the Cordoba mosque, but if you look for it on a map, its official name is Alley de Pedro Jimenez and you don’t have to leave the cathedral area to see it in the old town.

Where did it get its name?

Its name comes from the fact that it is no wider than an extended handkerchief. It is understood to be a woman’s handkerchief, and in this place you have to give them one by one. Here is a place that could be considered one of the smallest places in the world, or at least known to be so.

Plaza de la Calleja del Pañuelo

The square

In the small square there is a water fountain and another old column. Padlock fashion has arrived here too, and there are many padlocks on a black grid.

The floor is a classic unpolished granite pavement and cobblestones, and the walls are painted white. Together with a few planted orange trees and other vegetation, the atmosphere is similar to a patio in Cordoba.

The best of Alley

This is an iconic spot in the city, and its tranquillity takes you back to a time when life was more peaceful. Although there is nothing spectacular about this place, there is something special about Handkerchief Alley that has made it so famous.