Free Mosque of Cordoba

Entrada gratis en la Mezquita

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Do you want to see the Mosque of Cordoba for free? Here we tell you how …

The Mosque-Cathedral is the most visited monument in Cordoba. As you know, it has a great history and is a tourist place par excellence. But it is also a Cathedral where there is mass daily for the faithful who attend. Therefore, during Mass hours you can enter the Mosque of Cordoba for free.

Free admission during mass hours

Being a cathedral open to worship, during Mass hours you can enter freely. The available times are from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. at 9:30 a.m. You must take into account that at this time it is open to the public to go to Mass, so it is forbidden to enter groups of tourists and you have to be silent.

It is perhaps not the best option to see the monument, but if you want to save a little money and you are not very interested in visiting all its parts, it is an option. Although I explain how to see the monument for free inside, it is advisable to pay the entrance and thus have more time to enjoy this space full of history.

Free admission for residents in Córdoba

For all of us who live in Córdoba, the entrance to the Mosque is free, not free. You have to wait for visiting hours and get the ticket like everyone else, with the difference that when you show your ID you get free admission.

It is a distinction made by the Cabildo de Cordoba with people of Cordoba, to accompany family or friends who come to visit and to admire our heritage from time to time.