Palace of Viana

Patio del Palacio de Viana en Córdoba

Located in the center of Cordoba, between the Don Gome square and the Rejas de Don Gome street, the Viana Palace is possibly the most visited in Cordoba, and the one that holds the most essences of the medieval Christian world after the arrival, zenith and disappearance of the Muslim Cordoba.

History of Palace

This palace was created in the fourteenth century, although a century before the king Fernando III ordered its construction. Realized in the Renaissance architectural style, already abandoned the Gothic era, the Palace of Viana was built as a manor house of the lords of Villaseca, who came to Cordoba once it was taken from the Muslims.

Over three centuries, until the seventeenth, this initial medieval house was transformed, for accommodation and interest of its noblemen, in a palace adapted to their tastes increasingly refined. Thus, the different lords of the family were buying gardens, land and adjacent places to expand their domain and build new courtyards for enjoyment and enjoy their extended family and their rich guests. In 1609 the reception courtyard was built, while the III Señor de Villaseca ordered the construction of the courtyard of the bars three decades later.

The I Marquis of Villaseca would die without descendants, giving a final point to his stately dynasty and starting from that moment, in the middle of the seventeenth century, the reform that will give place to the Palace of Viana as we know it.

The palace today

The palace today

It is currently a large palace house with 12 courtyards, including the main garden. The most known, visited and admired are the bars, the cats and the garden. The house includes the main palace, with a rich decoration that evokes the late Middle Ages and the Modern era in which it was built and enlarged. A luxury for the senses that should be visited especially in spring, with its patios full of newly opened flowers and a smell worthy of breathing.

Viana palace kitchen

How to get to the Palace of Viana

Access to the palace is via the Plaza de Don Gome, very close to the church of Santa Marina. You can get there by going down to the Town Hall or walking along Avd. de las Ollerías.

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