Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba

Mosque of Cordoba

The Mosque of Cordoba, or Mosque-Cathedral as it is called today, is the most important monument in the city of Cordoba. Almost two million people visit it every year. It is recognized as an Asset of Cultural Interest in addition to being a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

This Mosque has become the symbol of the city of Cordoba. The history of the city has gone hand in hand with its Mosque, now a Cathedral, since the time when its construction began back in the 8th century.

Many tourists come to Cordoba to get to know it, in the last year there were almost two million and it is expected that this figure will increase as the monument becomes more and more known in the world.

Mosque Characteristics

It is a building that does not leave anyone who visits it indifferent. Its large size, is one of the largest in the world, the amount of decorative details that show the splendor of an era, the different transformations that leave their mark and the contrast between cultures that can be seen in every corner, are admired by Cordoba. and outsiders.

Its great difference with any other mosque in the world is the Cathedral that houses inside. A construction that generated controversy from the day it was completed. Contrary to what one might think, it is now a unique work unique in the world and admired by all.

A little history

The beginnings of this Mosque date from the 8th century, when Abderramán I began its construction. It sits on the remains of an old basilica, the Basilica of San Vicente. After numerous extensions, in 1146 it was taken by the Catholic Monarchs during the Reconquest and from there the different transformations began to adapt it to Christian worship.

The Villaviciosa Chapel was the first Christian remodeling inside, later the Chapel of the Tabernacle and finally the Great Cathedral. Even the minaret was covered to make the bell tower that is now.

Studies in the Mosque

The Mosque-cathedral is a monumental complex that is in full archaeological study. Several investigators follow the tracks of the monument to determine some parts of history that are not yet clear.

Many of the details that we know today of its history are due to this constant research work. That is why conservation work is so important in this type of monument.

One of the enigmas of this Mosque is the deviation in its orientation with respect to Mecca. A recent study concludes that its orientation was determined by the buildings that were already in the area. This conclusion is supported by the archaeological remains found in the different tastings that have been carried out around the monument.

Remember that this same page you can learn more details about the monument, its different parts, a chronology of its history and of course the hours to visit it.